The QBF Integrated Marketing Approach
About Us
We have been helping companies grow and flourish for over 45 years.

Our Mission

To support the growth of our customers by understanding their changing business needs and meeting them with products and services of quality, value and dependability.

To be a good neighbor, a company that serves our customers, employees, communities, and the planet by paying attention to the impact of our business on the environment that sustains us all.

  • The Executive team has been with Brand Advantage Group for over 75 years combined. They are dedicated to fostering excellence throughout the organization and continually push for innovation through technology.
  • With 15 years average combined industry experience, our knowledgeable Customer Service team is committed to providing outstanding service. We are a customer-focused, dedicated department that delivers an attentive and pleasant experience.
  • Our Sales team averages 30+ years of industry experience. They are proven professionals who are dedicated not only to the industry but to the company they represent.
  • IT prides itself on finding solutions that best meet the needs of our customers. With over 60 years combined, and many more years in their respective areas of expertise, we have proven skills in launching websites, graphics & template design and custom reporting.
  • Our Accounting staff has over 50 years of combined experience. They take great pride in making sure that invoicing, disbursing and reporting is done accurately on a prompt basis. No matter how unique the issue they are always up to the challenge.
  • We have a veteran group of top-notch warehouse personnel who handle a variety of products and projects each and every day. The speed and accuracy in which they receive and ship product is second to none.
  • David Daoust
  • Tom Lyngdal
  • Brian Selvig
    Director of IT
  • Darryl Breckheimer
    Customer Service Manager
  • Amy Gruby
  • Becky Bopp
  • Brian Mulally
  • Brittany Tindall
  • Chris Carder
  • Chris Norby
  • Craig Uphoff
  • Craig Vanderah
  • Cris Ventre
  • Dan Jansen
  • Dave Henshaw
  • Gail Geisler
  • Gina Raske
  • Heather Shaw
  • Janani Logendran
  • Janet Boller
  • Jeff Slavin
  • Jeremy Nelson
  • Jim Belongia
  • Joe Whittier
  • Judy Yaeger
  • Karen Hartung
  • Kristina Davis
  • Lisa O’Reilley
  • Lisa Rutten
  • Liz Tremblay
  • Lori Haugesag
  • Lynn Kleve
  • Matthew Peoplis
  • Maureen Mady
  • Michelle Mohlencamp
  • Michelle Samuels
  • Mike Counard
  • Michael Langert
  • Nicole Rosga
  • Penny Hanson
  • Rhonda Jacobson
  • Roger Lantagne
  • Ron Cameron
  • Ruth Skoog
  • Shelley Schmitz
  • Stacy Wichman
  • Todd Bimberg
  • Tom Hermsen
  • Tom Jensen
  • Tracy Godley