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We get lots of questions about the products and services we offer.

Today’s question: What makes Brand Advantage Group unique?

Brand Advantage Group offers marketing and supply chain management products & services.

But here’s what sets us apart:

Brand Advantage Group is a world-class print service company that provides customers with unsurpassed quality and service by taking the hassle out of business communications and reducing the cost of procurement in the process. Brand Advantage Group is one of the largest providers of diversified marketing products and services in the Midwest. Everything from print, cross media marketing and POS to apparel and promotional products.

Brand Advantage Group is not your typical sales company; it acts as a consultative partner that provides cutting edge, cost effective technologies to businesses. Brand Advantage Group doesn’t believe that one size fits all. We will visit with you, ask questions about your operations, and listen – in order to determine your business needs and the best ways to meet them. This unique approach sets Brand Advantage Group above the competition.

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—Joe Delmont

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