The QBF Integrated Marketing Approach
Success Stories


    Brand Recall

    PROBLEM: An international gun manufacturer had three separate product recalls totaling more than 400,000 units.The recalls affected distributors, dealers, and consumers worldwide. It was important to contact the owner of each gun, across all three distribution levels, and instruct them on what to do to participate in the recall if they owned one of the recalled products. In addition to identifying and contacting owners of the recalled items, it was important to track the initial contacts, the response rates, and the follow-up contacts to create an accurate contact record in order to reduce any possible future liability problems. Read more....



    PROBLEM: This medical organization’s manual billing procedures resulted in slow mailing process and slow cash flow. SOLUTION: Brand Advantage Group now receives a datastream and processes the data - mailing, faxing, and emailing out physician’s Statements on the same day. Everything is then placed in a password protected online archive, where the data is accessible 24/7 for Customer Service and, in some cases, for patients. Read more....



    Problem:  A major medical center was faced with the challenge of reducing warehousing costs while supplying more than 400 operational forms to all of its departments and outlying clinics.  The marketing department faced the same challenge for their collateral materials.

    Solution:  Brand Advantage Group moved the inventory to its local warehouse.  Now, operating and marketing departments can log in to a dedicated website and order supplies as needed.

    Benefit:  Brand Advantage Group freed up space in the customer’s warehouse and provided a mechanism for convenient and timely ordering of supplies.  Costs were reduced and management is provided with timely information for charging costs back to departments. Read more....



    PROBLEM: Historically, this leading U.S. trailer component manufacturer distributed its products through wholesale dealer networks. Recently, the company’s market share declined because of the increase in competitors selling similar product through retail channels.  To preserve their leading market position, our client decided to create an alternate retail distribution channel.  They asked for our help in developing new ways to package and display their products in a retail environment. Read more....


    Dealer Network

    PROBLEM: An international manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles wanted to completely reposition its North American subsidiary against several larger and more entrenched competitors. Initially, it had positioned itself as a low-cost option against the more established brands. This failed because it didn't promote the company's quality products and attracted only second tier dealers and price-sensitive consumers. Read more....



    PROBLEM: A national furniture retailer needed to streamline the way it purchased, shipped and distributed materials and supplies.  Each of its 10 locations was ordering different brands from local suppliers.  There was no consistency in the supplies, and each location was following different ordering guidelines.  Most locations were ordering only a one-month or two-month supply and the locations were not combining orders to earn volume discounts. Read more....



    PROBLEM:  A multi-state banking operation wanted to allow its 50 branches to easily and economically order more than 300 products online while maintaining control over its brands.

    SOLUTION: Brand Advantage Group set up an BA360 website for each brand. When a branch logs into the website, it can order all of its daily operational materials, regardless of whether they are stored in the warehouse or printed on demand.

    Read more....


    Branded Apparel

    PROBLEM: This major international manufacturer had to purchase branded shirts and jackets for dealer meetings. One challenge was to permit thousands of employees to order items without the company purchasing inventory.  Another goal was to charge back purchases to department budgets without the use of credit cards and expense reports.  Timely delivery was also a requirement. Read more....

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