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Tracking and analysis are extremely important parts of a successful campaign or program that Brand Advantage Group builds into every project. Even something as seemingly simple as a branded apparel project.

For example, a Brand Advantage Group client had a challenge: How could it have its employees order branded shirts for a major meeting without having excess inventory after the event and without having the employees pay using credit cards and expense accounts?

Brand Advantage Group devised a system that allowed employees to enter their department code with their online order. The code was then matched with the employee’s purchase and sent to the company’s accounting department.

“We worked with the client’s IT department,” says IT Manager Brian Selvig, “to create a unique URL that enabled us to track each order by employee and cost. That enabled us to provide two sales reports each week so the client knew exactly who had ordered, which shirts were purchased and what the total amount of the purchase was at that time.”

There was no unnecessary paperwork or manual data entries and Accounting was updated as the orders were received. It was faster and more accurate than a manual order processing system.

Finally, since the ordering was done with an “on-demand” system, there was no excess inventory.

The program was faster and cheaper with better tracking. What more can you ask for?

Brand Advantage Group can do the same thing for you. Just ask us.

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—Joe Delmont

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