The QBF Integrated Marketing Approach
Our Approach
Your success is our success

Brand Advantage Group is a world-class print service company that provides customers with unsurpassed quality and service by taking the hassle out of business communications and reducing the cost of their procurement in the process. Brand Advantage Group doesn’t believe that one size fits all. We will visit with you, ask questions about your operations, and listen – in order to determine your business needs and the best ways to meet them.


That is why we want you to know about BA360 – a robust, user-friendly integrated marketing and supply chain management system that puts improved productivity and increased revenue just a mouse click away.
BA360 boosts your ability to market efficiently and effectively, integrating the management of your printed and digital assets by:

Putting brand-controlled images and layouts in a secure place where they can be accessed easily by those you designate, whether they’re down the hall or on the other side of the world
Taking advantage of database intelligence and variable-print technology to create customized communications and respond rapidly to changing customer needs and market dynamics
Utilizing online budgets to control user, department, and location spending while tracking activity through customized reporting

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